Motorola Edge 30 Fusion Review: There was a time when Motorola, then called Moto, was synonymous with smartphones. Motorola was the first phone of many people. But as the smartphone market developed, Motorola seemed to disappear somewhere. Almost out of the smartphone market. However, it can be returned in this way, Motorola informs. Motorola is back in the market with various budget phones and some high-powered smartphones.

The Edge is one of the top phones in Motorola’s smartphone lineup. Its newest member is the Edge 30 Fusion. In Motorola’s words, the world’s most elegant powerhouse Time will tell though. But let’s take a look at some of the special features of the Edge 30 Fusion:

Edge 30 Fusion – ‘Elegant’ indeed

In other words, like a philosopher, he is a tribalist. It is one of the few phones that strike a fine balance between looks or design and function or performance. Although the phone weighs 175 grams, it is so thin that it feels like someone put the phone on a keto diet.

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Edge 30 Fusion’s screen is worth looking at

The first thing that is noticed on the smartphone is the screen or display of the phone. Edge 30 Pro is several steps ahead in that direction. The phone’s 6.55-inch screen is actually a 10-bit P-LED panel with Full HD Plus resolution. With the 144Hz refresh rate and HD R10 Plus goodness, watching videos or blasting mobile games won’t be a hindrance. The 1100 nits display won’t hinder daytime viewing.

The chipset is also crowded

Last year’s top-tier chipset Snapdragon 888+ is at the core of the Edge 30 Fusion’s power. 128 GB of memory and 8 GB of LPDDR5 RAM make the Edge 30 Fusion smooth.

Clean and attractive

Like the rest of Motorola’s phones, the Edge 30 Fusion uses its own MyUX. So, you can use the skins you want with plain Android without the excess of ads. Edge 30 Fusion but running Android 12.

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The magic of three cameras

It goes without saying that the camera mix of 50, 13 and 2 mega pixels will work as expected. On bright sunny days, the cameras are good enough for taking pictures for social media. However, in low-light conditions or at night, the pictures will not be as good. It goes without saying that the 2 mega pixel macro camera is just for show.

Full day charge in one hour

The 68W charger that comes with the phone takes about an hour to charge the Edge 30 Fusion’s 4400 mAH battery. And if the battery is charged once, it will last about a day in normal use.

All that can be said is that Motorola Edge 30 Fusion is a good smartphone at Rs 42,999.

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