Children of the family are moving abroad to study or work. But parents have to stay in the country. Sometimes boys and girls return home. But pressure of work and expenses does not return home regularly. Due to visa entanglement, it is sometimes not possible for parents to visit their children. And to get rid of this problem, the demand for multi-entry tourist visa is increasing!

Let’s explain the matter. In fact, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has embarked on extensive visa reform. As a result, they recently announced that there will be a trial of Multi-entry Tourist Visa. And after that, applications for such visas are overflowing. And the residents there also mentioned the need for this five-year multi-entry tourist visa. They said that it allows them to spend more time with their parents and family. And most of the applicants are using this facility so that the parents can easily get the right to travel and enter that country.

Due to this visa policy, the life of boys and girls living in that country has become easier. That is what the residents themselves are claiming. Tanya Ilyas, a young woman living in Abu Dhabi, said, “My parents used to live here on business. So we grew up here and my sisters and I still live here. So sometimes my parents also come to us. But every once in a while.” Applying for a visa on arrival is a daunting task. So I decided to get a multiple-entry visa for my parents this year.” He further informed that, “All the documentation for such visa is done online. It is very easy. All it takes is bank balance, proof of 3 months residence and insurance.”

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Earlier this year, the UAE announced the introduction of a five-year multiple-entry tourist visa. Because this change is being made under visa reform to attract more young talent to this country. With this special visa, self-sponsored tourists can enter the country multiple times. And each time they will get the right to stay there for 90 days.

And not only Tania, another resident of Abu Dhabi Jisham Latheef also took this visa for his parents. In his words, “We are three brothers. And we all live in the UAE. So our parents come to us occasionally. And this visa made that way easier. In fact, the documentation and the process was very easy.”

Let’s discuss what other benefits will come from this. Those who are taking this visa, besides staying for 90 days, they can extend the period of that visa for another 90 days from there. According to the authorities, the families of the children living in the country actually live outside. As a result, this visa has been brought so that they can spend more time with their families. And those applying for a multiple-entry visa must submit bank statements for the last six months (must have a balance of $4,000), proof of UAE health insurance, copies of airline tickets and proof of residency.

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Abdul Gafoor, General Manager of AI Mas Businessmen Service (Al Mas Businessmen Service), says, “We have noticed that many people are interested in taking this type of visa. Especially for their parents, multi-entry visa is being taken. In fact, it is convenient, because their parents can travel whenever they want during the five-year period. And it is very convenient for them, who cannot return to their country due to lack of time due to work pressure.”

Another applicant Shehna Mansoor is excited about this visa. He said, “I am taking it for my mother. Earlier, I had to get a residence visa for my mother. And to maintain that visa, my mother had to come here once every six months. And it is not possible all the time. Because my mother is on her own. Most of the time has to be spent here and in India. In fact, my sister lives in India. So we had to keep an eye on this all the time and also see that mom can come here within that time frame.”

Not only that, Shehna, an Indian citizen, also said that her mother’s visa has been canceled many times due to not being able to reach Dubai within the stipulated time. And due to this, the money has gone down the drain, along with having to face the problem of getting another visa. She said, “This multiple-entry visa has solved all our problems. Right now, my husband and I are preparing all the documents. Hopefully, we can apply for this visa very soon.”

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