Sun News Desk: Humaira Subah, the debutant actress of Dhakai cinema, has opened her mouth pointing to the Parimoney-Raj-Mim issue.

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On Friday (November 11) afternoon, Subah wrote in a social media status tagged Parimoney, seeing so much, it has to be said that family happiness is not due to the virtue of a woman, but due to the good character of a man. But I was also a victim in my life.

One of the netizens commented on Subahar’s post, how is your character? In response, the heroine wrote, “My character is as pure as a flower.” I have never slept with ten people. No breakup with anyone for me. Due to the consequences of their actions, I was forced to leave them.

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Another wrote, “Any relationship is sweeter when the character of both, not just one, is right.” In response, Subah wrote, “Brother, don’t listen to me about these things. It’s okay!” A family breaks up because of one’s character, remember.

Another person wrote, if there is no union, the family is not happy with anything. In his reply, he wrote, “Milmish is not a big deal.” Anyone who has character problems will surely catch fire in his family.

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Earlier on Thursday (November 10), two popular actresses of Dhakai cinema, Vidya Sinha Mim and Parimoni, posted on social media. On the first day of Mim’s birthday, actress Parimony posted a post about her ‘Paran’ and ‘Damaal’ hero Shariful Raj.

Parimoni tagged Mim in that post. In the same post, he called director Raihan Rafi as a broker. At the same time, this beautiful heroine gave a warning to her husband Raj.

Parimoni tagged Raihan Rafi in the beginning of that post, let’s see if he does a good job with the movie!’

Then Parimoni tagged Mim and wrote, ‘Should have been satisfied with my son-in-law.’ Similarly, tagging her husband Raj, the actress wrote, ‘You shouldn’t have let it go this far.’

Parimoni had earlier hinted that actor husband Shariful Raj was having a love affair with Mim. Earlier, during the promotion of the film ‘Damaal’, Parimony posted on Facebook holding hands.

Meanwhile, MIM opened up after Parimani’s explosive post. In a post on his Facebook on Thursday (November 10) afternoon. Mim described the incident in detail in the post.

Mim wrote in his post, ‘Paran’ and ‘Damaal’ skyrocketing success makes me float with selfless love. I am overwhelmed, overwhelmed. I can say that I am having the best time of my life. Just at this time, a party, being jealous of my progress, is trying to stop me, and try to do all kinds of mischief against me. the

In Meem’s words, the love that ‘Paran’ and ‘Damaal’ are giving me, exactly the same love that everyone made me a lux Channel i superstar a decade and a half ago. Accepting everyone’s love as an important responsibility, I have tried to develop my professional acting career, am doing, and will continue to do so in the future.

Mim said to the news workers, “The news workers have always supported me wholeheartedly in this long journey.” You have presented all my work, thoughts and thoughts correctly and beautifully to all the devotees and well-wishers of the country and abroad. So request to all of you, don’t spread any misleading news without any kind of verification.

The cold war of the two popular heroines of Dhakai cinema, Parimony and Vidya Sinha Mim, is now open. They are complaining about each other in their Facebook statuses. Basically, this strain in the relationship between MIM and Pariman is about Shariful Raj. Parimani complains that Raj-Mim’s ‘excessive flirtatiousness’ has taken away the happiness of her family.

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