#New Delhi: At one point the James Webb telescope was also in dire straits. One such research paper was published recently. Everyone knows the name of this telescope now. This telescope has impressed the entire world with the images it has returned of constellations to the latest images of our solar system. The James Webb telescope was in dire straits. In a recent paper, a group of scientists detailed the telescope’s early motions. That terrible time is written there.

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Scientists said there, this year this telescope was in dire danger at some point in May. Several asteroids hit it. A number of skirmishes followed. That is the permanent damage to this James Webb telescope. A mirror or part of a mirror is broken beyond repair. Apart from this, this telescope has to face many problems. The exact extent of their damage is not yet clear, but the damage has been terrible.

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The main concern now is the long-term impact, scientists say. It is thought that if this damage spreads to the primary mirror, it may run into problems. It also seems to cause the primary mirror to slowly fail. Scientists have judged the numbers and said that this planet was injured by a total of 6 asteroids on May 22. Although the impact of the sixth asteroid was not as strong, it also had an impact. But scientists say the injury may later turn out to be more serious than what they initially thought. However, scientists have assured, this will not cause any damage to the images taken through the telescope. It will have the same resolution as before, which was arranged by the scientists. Because they feared that the telescope could be hit by such an asteroid in space.

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