#New Delhi: Various studies have previously shown that the death rate in terms of road accidents is alarmingly high in our country. Various necessary measures have been taken by the government to prevent this danger.

In the case of two-wheeler, four-wheeler vehicles, safety rules have been tightened by introducing new rules. But the efforts of the government to protect citizens are not limited here.

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Just as Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the National Logistics Policy last week, a homegrown company called MapMyIndia launched an app for the logistics ecosystem. This app is currently working on road safety as well. The app is expected to play an important role in boosting India’s economy.

Rohan Verma, Executive Director, MapMyIndia, said that the newly launched app will play a key role in making India more self-reliant and better. It will enable smooth movement of goods across India as well as help people move faster, cheaper and safer which will reduce the cost of long distance travel.

The newly launched app features route and risk assessment based on safety risk, running cost and vehicle type so that the user can plan the best route to travel.

Apart from 2D and 3D maps, there are also drone-based maps. Be it maintenance inspection of road infrastructure or construction progress monitoring, GPS for goods movement tracking, all these are part of MapMyIndia app.

On road safety, Intel India is already working to identify risk zones across the country. Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Kerala have undertaken several projects with state governments and road transport agencies to reduce road accidents.

While tech giants like Intel have made huge strides in developing their own solution-based systems to help the country, this app by MapMyIndia is also working on the same.

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With the help of this app, users are said to realize significant progress in reducing travel time, cost, hassle and road accidents. And it is particularly important in the Indian context because of the indigenous organization.

Hopefully, MapMyIndia will create the best map and itinerary app for all Indians. Because the company has already claimed that their native app is much better than the foreign maps already available with most phones and search engines.

According to MapMyIndia, other foreign apps show India’s international borders wrongly, with many errors in route descriptions. Most alarmingly, users sell their personal information and become victims of advertising.

The company also stated that their app accurately displays India’s borders and they have a clear business model that respects users’ privacy.

MapmyIndia’s Maples app displays road summaries and alerts drivers with photo-realistic 3D images of upcoming speed limits, speed bumps, sharp curves, accident-prone zones, traffic signals and junctions. As a result, road safety is strengthened and accidents are also reduced.

It works in conjunction with information collected by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, as well as traffic and road closure advice from traffic authorities. Maples are also uniquely integrated with ISRO’s satellite images of weather, fog cover and other issues.

Not only that, MapMyIndia says that Maples accurately detects the type of vehicle and maps specific routes. For example, it shows the correct path by avoiding the narrow lane for trucks. Provides drivers with accurate, live vehicle braking information for a worry-free ride. Their motto, so that passengers can reach their destination on time without getting lost.

Not only that, Maples lets passengers know how much toll or customs gates might cost, as well as fuel or battery costs, allowing travelers to plan their route better.

The app allows users to search for relevant facilities like rest stops, eateries, ATMs, garages, hotels, ambulances, blood banks and more so that travel is comfortable and hassle-free even in emergency situations.

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