#Kolkata: Year 2013 Film festival is going on in Nandan. Movie buffs flocked. Delegates from the country and abroad have come. He is absolutely wonderful. The main attraction that year was director Rituparna Ghosh’s film ‘Sunglass’! This film starred Kankana Sen Sharma and Nasir Uddin Saab! There was also Tota Roy Choudhury. This picture is not exactly the picture of the season! Because in this film, Alo Aadhari’s play captured a world of fantasy.

You can see the future by reading the Kankana glasses of sunglasses. which he bought from Nasir Uddin’s antique shop. Kankana’s life gradually changed. Rituparna Ghosh showed in this film that there can be a strange similarity between real and fake reality. ‘Sunglasses’ was never released. Luckily there was only one show at Nandan. Only those who have seen it know that Ritu made incredible pictures.

From ‘Nineteen April’ to ‘Asukh’, ‘Dahan’ or ‘Renkot’, a mental darkness seemed to emerge in his films. Go somewhere and work alone! Every picture came from Rituparna’s mind. But only one ‘Sunglass’ was different from all these pictures. If Rituparna had lived, after that he would have cut all the darkness and made a picture of light. But it didn’t happen.

What kind of person was Rituparn? He had a child-like mind. The shoot is going on with Jesus. The season has arrived on time. It was like the first shot was taken. He ran to the corner and stood silently. Meanwhile, the light camera actors are all ready on the set. The season is nowhere! It is known that he left home suddenly. Without telling anyone. That shot touched his heart. Unable to contain his emotions, he locked himself in the house.

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The story of ‘Sunglass’ was written by Rituparn long ago. At that time he wrote features for the magazine. The name was ‘Chaitali Glasses’! This story was first taught by Rituparn to not only his beloved but idol Aparna Sen. Mrs. Sen was impressed by reading that boy’s writing that day! Seasons descended from men to women. And it seems that this is why he was very lonely in his heart. Very lonely! So he used to hide himself sometimes in a room full of books. Few know Ravi Tagore the way Ritu knew him. But Rabindranath created by him did not get much place.

Ritu one day sees through the window, Aparna Sen is buying flowers in front of her house. I want to run and talk. Without thinking about anything, he really went and talked. Rituparn was a man who, with everyone, has many memories. Jesus taught acting by hand, from Raima to many! Although alone in the mind, the world of cinema was a family arranged by the season! Today is his birthday. But the man is not! What was the rush of Rituparnar! This season will not change! Farewell forever! However, the movies made by him will take you to the future in different colorful seasons again and again!

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