Screen Recording in Laptop: Need to use Teamviewer to get help from a remote person while working on computer or laptop. There are many people who record videos and send them to others through smartphones. But screen recording can be easily done on desktop or laptop just like smartphone.

Users do not need to spend a single rupee for this. Screen recording is possible on desktops and laptops without downloading any software at no cost. In this case, screen recording is possible in the same way that screenshots are taken using laptop shortcuts. Skin recording can be easily done using laptop or desktop shortcut keys. Let’s take a look at that way.

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Ways to Record Laptop Screen for Windows Users –

Windows operating system users can use only three keys to record laptop screen. To start screen recording on a desktop or laptop, press the Alt key along with the Windows key and press the R button. Screen recording on Windows laptop or computer can be easily done using Window+Alt+R shortcut key. It is also very easy to check whether skin recording has started or not. Now let’s see that way too.

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Ways to check if screen recording has started –

It is very important to check this after starting screen recording using desktop or laptop shortcut keys. It is very easy to check if skin recording has started or not. As soon as the skin recording starts, the second i.e. time will be displayed on the right side of the desktop. Users can also perform any other task along with skin recording. While doing screen recording, the volume of the laptop or computer should be kept full to record the sound of the video properly. In this case, if someone wants to record the video without sound, then the volume of the laptop or computer should be muted.

How to Send Screen Recording –

After the screen recording is done it can be saved very easily. What shortcuts can be used to view that recording and share it with someone else? It is possible to see the location of the video by pressing Window+G with Windows. By double clicking on the video it can be played in any player. To share that video with someone else, right click on that video and click on send or share option. Then the video can be sent using the e-mail ID of the user to whom he wants to send the video.

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