#New Delhi: The use of electronic devices is constantly increasing. Various devices are getting involved in our life. Without them, life would come to a standstill. And along with that, various problems are increasing. There are various types of battery charging problems in electronic devices. Many times it is seen that the batteries of these devices run out on the road. This makes it unusable.

When the battery of mobile, laptop, smartwatch and electric car suddenly runs out of charge, one has to face a lot of problems. Because it takes at least an hour to charge the battery again. Scientists have developed a new technology to solve this problem.

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Indian scientists have discovered a new technology. IIT Gandhinagar and Japan Advance Insurance of Science and Technology jointly made this wonderful discovery. A team of researchers at IIT Gandhinagar has developed a new anode material, which can charge lithium-ion batteries in minutes. The 2D anode metal is fabricated using nanosheets derived from titanium diborite. It is a sandwich-like object.

What is this discovery?—Professor Kabir D’Souza of IIT Gandhinagar said that now the anode part of lithium ion batteries is made from graphite. Graphite layers do not intersect. As a result it takes time to charge through it. The material used to charge a lithium battery is commonly called the anode. But if this anode part is made of diborite, it will be able to charge the battery in a few minutes. It is claimed that the charging system can be improved using this new technique. And through this, from mobile to laptop, smart watch or electric car battery can be charged quickly very easily.

New strategy coming soon in India—Professor Kabir said that they have started talking to some battery manufacturers about this new technique. In the future, this new technique may be introduced in India, which will be used in the manufacture of batteries. As a result, the battery will be charged within a few minutes. These indigenous batteries will be used in India and can also be manufactured abroad.

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