#Kolkata: Actress Rituparna Sengupta lost her loved one. Grieving, he posted the news on social media. Kitchen Queen Shukla Mukherjee passed away. And Rituparna is broken by his death. The actress was emotional after sharing a picture with Shukla Mukherjee on social media.

Rituparna took to social media and wrote, “One of my big family passed away… I am heartbroken… Your love, affection and cooking will be my life’s capital…. Love you Shukladi. I will always miss you. My condolences Deep. , for Rimli and your entire family. You are great…Bless us Shukla Di… Stay well. We will miss you very much.”

Incidentally, Shukla Mukherjee, the very popular face of the popular cooking show, passed away on Wednesday night. Which is termed as Kitchen Queen. Shukla Mukhopadhyay’s family and fans are saddened by his death. Many are saddened by his death. Sudeepa Chattopadhyay, the famous kitchen presenter, also expressed her condolences on social media.

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Sudeepa writes on Facebook, “You were not supposed to leave so soon. I can’t write anything about you today. When the kitchen started, the pantry of our new family was almost empty. Shukladi, never let me feel that. Today I write something about Shukladi. How the thoughts are getting confused while sitting.”

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It should be noted that even though the news of death has been published, the cause of Shukla Mukherjee’s death is still not clear. Many people mourned his death.

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