#New Delhi: Only India can counter the evil forces of China and Pakistan. No one in South Asia except India feels the need to think about the common people of Balochistan. emphasis Since taking over the region, the Pakistan Army has been carrying out regular torture and repression. Professor Nayla Qadri recently came to Delhi to promote the freedom movement of Balochistan.

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On Saturday, he said that civil war is going on in Balochistan. From children to teenagers, men and women — everyone joined the freedom movement there. India should stand by the Baloch in this fight. Only then will South Asia be free from Pak terrorism. In addition to this, this Baloch professor has also taken a hand to the Pakistan government on the ‘China Pakistan Economic Corridor’ or CPEC.

According to Qadri, this project is the death warrant of Balochistan. It is a Chinese military project. It has nothing to do with economics. No one can sell the port of Balochistan. China and Pakistan have entered into a dirty conspiracy to dispossess our ancestral home and land.

The agitation started in Balochistan after the China Pakistan Economic Corridor or CPEC started. According to this project, Beijing is building a road from western China’s Xinjiang province to Gadar port via Karakoram. Incidentally, this port in Balochistan is currently under the control of China.

After the project started, the pro-independence Baloch Liberation Army or BLA attacked the Pakistan Army several times. In which several Pak army officers and soldiers lost their lives. Chinese engineers associated with this project have also been attacked.

In this situation, China pressured Islamabad to send troops to Balochistan. However, the request was rejected by the government of Pakistan. What if Islamabad is going to lose the largest province full of natural resources? According to sources, Pakistan Army has started a new plan to suppress the Baloch rebels.

Rawalpindi will increase the number of troops there in the next few months. More arms, ammunition and logistics will be sent to army bases in Balochistan. The Pakistan Air Force is also being kept ready as the situation may take a turn for the worse. It is not that India is not aware of Balochistan. But at the moment, Delhi has not reacted to the Baloch leader’s response.

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