#Mumbai: Terrible condition of Pakistan. One-third of Pakistan has been completely submerged in historic floods, said the country’s climate minister. Vast area vanavasi! Devastating flash floods washed away roads, houses and crops. Millions of people have been affected by this flood. There is no drinking water. Pakistani officials say 1,300 people have died since monsoon rains began. This number may increase further. Because so far villages in hilly areas of the country have not been contacted due to floods. Hundreds of hill villages are still isolated.

Various Pakistani celebrities have sought help on their social media accounts. Recently Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat directly attacked Bollywood celebrities. No message or help for lack of support or care for their fans in Pakistan. The actress was disappointed.

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After that, Anil Kapoor donated 5 crore rupees for flood relief in Pakistan. A similar report has been published on social media.

A Twitter handle named Sathya Hai Sanatan wrote, “Anil Kapoor donates 5 crore rupees for flood relief in Pakistan. What was the problem with giving that money to a temple in India?” As soon as people noticed, they started trolling him. Anil Kapoor did not react to the rumours.

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Incidentally, in a recent report, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor extended their helping hand to the Banvasis of Pakistan. Ever since the news came out, common people started trolling them. Then common people started expressing their anger. It was later learned that the report was wrong.

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