#Lahore: As the saying goes, if you spit at the sky, the spit will fall on you. Pakistan’s former fast bowler Mohammad Asif did not know that. He has committed such an act for which he has to take a lot of abuse. He became a laughing stock. Almost everyone has opened up about mankading out. own Everyone has their opinion.

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In such a situation, former Pakistan player Mohammad Asif also questioned the method of mankading out. Former Pakistan cricketer calls Deepti Sharma a cheater. Asif who has also served jail time for match fixing.

Pakistan’s former fast bowler Mohammad Asif tweeted, wrote – We can see that the bowler has no desire to bowl here. He just looks at the batsman standing on non-strike to trick him. It is not fair and against the spirit of the game.

Stuart Broad, James Anderson, Nasser Hussain, Sam Billings criticized Dipti. However, England stars like Alex Hales and Monty Panesor disagreed. Many in the Indian cricket community and even in the international cricket community have supported Deepti over mankading.

Indian captain Harmanpreet Kaur made it clear on the field that he fully supports Deepti. Because Deepti did not do anything outside the rules. In such a situation, no one wants to pay much attention to this statement of Mohammad Asif.

Indian supporters asked Asif in turn, why exactly did you go to jail? How did you forget so quickly? Remind and don’t force shame. In fact, Asif, Amir’s match-fixing is the black chapter of puck cricket.

As he lives in London, this Pakistani now wants to be a favorite of the gentlemen. Indian women’s team captain Harmanpreet was giving an interview to a British female journalist. The journalist says you are avoiding the subject of Dean’s outing. Harmon retorted, I thought you were going to question the remaining nine outs. What Deepti did is within ICC rules. We will do it again if needed.

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