Pandora Papers: World leaders claim they did ‘no wrong’
Pandora Papers: World leaders claim they did ‘no wrong’

Several world leaders have denied wrongdoing after names surfaced in millions of leaked financial documents of offshore companies.
In the biggest case of leaking financial documents identified as Pandora Papers, 12 million confidential documents have been leaked.

The documents list 35 current and former world leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and Jordan’s King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein. Not only this, Pandora Papers has also leaked the secret assets and transactions of 300 government officials, army officers and hundreds of billionaires around the world.

According to the BBC, both Putin and Abdullah have stated in a statement that they did not commit any wrongdoing in the aftermath of the leak.

A statement from Jordan’s royal family said it was “not unusual or unfair” to have property owned by King Abdullah abroad.

According to leaked documents, the leader has amassed an empire of ৭ 70 million (১০ 100 million) in secret assets in the United Kingdom and the United States since taking power in 1999.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peshkov has questioned the “unproven” credibility of the information after details of the secret assets of President Putin and his inner circle were revealed.

He told a news conference: “It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. We have not seen any secret assets of Putin’s close circle there. ”

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The information was obtained through the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), a Washington-based organization of investigative journalists. The organization is working with more than 140 media organizations on their largest global search.

In the UK, BBC Panorama and the Guardian are leading the search.

The leaked documents include the names of other leaders:

Czech Prime Minister Andrzej Babis has pressed the use of an offshore company to buy two villas in the south of France worth ১ 12 million, according to leaked documents.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and six members of his family have ties to 13 offshore companies.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera is a billionaire businessman. The allegation against him is that he sold a copper and an iron mine in an environmentally sensitive area to one of his childhood friends; El Pais newspaper in Spain has published the details.

The Kenyan president’s family’s secret assets have been leaked

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Pandora Papers: World leaders leaked secret assets and transactions

Pandora’s documents reveal how the family of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and their close associates were involved in the secret sale of কোটি 400 million worth of property in the United Kingdom.

In a tweet, the Czech prime minister said the allegations were made to influence this week’s election and claimed he had “never done anything unjust or illegal”.

Kenyan President Kenyatta said the inquiry would “go a long way in increasing the financial transparency and openness we need in Kenya and around the world.” He promised to give a “detailed response” to the leaked information after returning from a state visit.

No evidence has emerged in the Pandora Papers that the Kenyatta family stole or hid state assets, the BBC reported.

In a statement, Pinera’s office said President Pinera has denied any involvement in the sale of the Dominga mining project.

Attempts were made to contact President Aliyev and his family, but they did not respond, the Guardian reported.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has promised to investigate the citizens named in the Pandora Papers. The leaked documents named hundreds of Pakistanis, including members of Imran Khan’s cabinet.