Istanbul: The passenger bit the flight attendant’s hand in mid-air. And then the root. The driver was forced to quickly change the route and land.

A Turkish Airlines plane witnessed such an incident last week. It is known that the plane had left for Jakarta from Istanbul. But the pilot was forced to change the route and land due to noise inside the plane. It is reported that a passenger bit the flight attendant’s finger in the cabin causing chaos. A video of the incident has gone viral on the net. Police have identified the accused passenger. It is known that the 48-year-old man is an Indonesian citizen, Mohammed John Jaiz Bodewijn. John Jayez was returning to Jakarta after a personal visit to Turkey.

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The viral video was posted by a micro-blogging site. They said that an Indonesian passenger assaulted a flight attendant on Turkish Airlines flight TK-56 on October 11. The plane had to make an emergency landing at Medan Airport before reaching Jakarta The passenger is believed to be a Batik Air pilot who was returning from a holiday in Turkey.

The flight authorities claimed that the accused passenger was intoxicated and the affected flight attendant went to calm him down. John Justified Baudewizen was being chaotic in flight. As he spoke, he bit the finger of a Turkish airline crew member. Viral footage shows a man punching a flight attendant with plastic handcuffs.

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Shocked passengers and other flight attendants then rushed to help the stricken airman. When another flight attendant tried to seat the passenger, he was also kicked in the video. The airman also kicked back. As a result, the situation became more volatile. The noise inside the plane increased, forcing the pilot to land at Kualanamu International Airport in Medan instead of arriving in Jakarta at 5pm local time.

Turkish Airlines flight TK56 arrives in Jakarta at 8pm local time. A Jakarta Metro Police spokesman said, ‘Due to a disturbance on the plane, the Turkish plane dropped the alleged Indonesian passenger at Kualanamu Airport, Medan.’ The injured airman is being treated at the Kualanamu Health Clinic. The local administration has started an investigation into the incident.

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