#Kolkata: Dedicated to Anjan Bose, directed by Sharmistha Maiti Rajdeep Pal, the excitement of Bengali cine lovers around the upcoming film ‘Kalkaksh’ (House of Time) by Arora Film Corporation is long overdue! Ending all the wait, the official trailer of ‘Kalkaksh’ was unveiled on July 27 at the traditional office of Arora Film Corporation. The film is slated to release on August 19 in select theaters in Kolkata and other megacities. The 116-year-old film company Arora is returning as a film producer after 45 years with this film. On the occasion of the trailer release, the film’s crew, actress Tannishtha Biswas, Srilekha Mukhopadhyay, actor Janardhan Ghosh, and many others were present at the event.

Director Sharmistha Maiti said, “A movie of recent times. That’s why its name is Kalkaksh. Kal means death, Kal means great time. The film is carrying the journey of that time. Room means a moment, during the pandemic we were imprisoned in this room.” Another director Rajdeep Pal again said that it is a film of love between people.

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Actor Amit Saha is extremely happy and proud. “The production company that produced Pather Panchali, Ayanthrik, Raikmaal, Sister Nivedita, Jalsagar, Arora Productions is again making a movie. Kalkaksha. It is my privilege to act there. Actress Tanvistha Biswas said, “The story shows three generations. The story is very much the story of our lives. The film is about how our state of mind was moving through a space during the pandemic.”

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Everyone knows what form the horror of the epidemic can take today. However, in a world ravaged by epidemics, how necessary is the mental health of people, how necessary is it to be humane, how necessary is it to be for each other, how necessary is the responsibility of doctors to the society, and in the same way how necessary is it for the doctors to be healthy to keep the society alive by teaching the viewers of this film. will go The film stars Janardhan Ghosh as a doctor, the film also stars Tanvistha Biswas, Srilekha Mukhopadhyay and Ahana Karmakar in other lead roles.

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