#Dhaka: Hero Alam, a popular Bangladeshi YouTuber, made such an explosive complaint that the police had committed mental torture. Hero Alam has two million Facebook followers and around 1.5 million YouTube followers. Controversy over Hero Alam never ends. He came to the center of discussion for various reasons at various times. This time, however, rumors spread that he was arrested by the police. But no, he was not arrested. The police detained him and interrogated him for a long time, but later he was released on bond.

He was reportedly nabbed by the police in the early hours of Thursday morning and asked to stop the perverted rendition of the classical song, which sparked outrage on social media. However, Hero Alam alleged, ‘Police have subjected me to mental torture’. But his defense argued, ‘He loves to sing. His songs are also loved by his fans. So he released the song on his YouTube channel. Lately, other YouTubers have also failed in that. Hero Alam claimed that he was scolded for singing two songs of Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam.

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Alam said, “Last week the police tortured him mentally and the police asked him to stop playing classical music. He was even given an apology.” He claimed that the police detained him for eight hours from 6 am. They asked me why I sing songs of Rabindranath and Nazrul.”

In this regard, Dhaka Chief Detective Haroon ur Rashid said, Hero Alam apologized for singing classical music without permission and wearing police uniform in his video. He further said, Hero Alam himself has admitted that he misrepresented the song and assured us that it will not happen again.”

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