#Colombo: Unrest does not stop in Sri Lanka. New faces for the presidency during the elections and beyond. After that, Dinesh Gunawardene was appointed as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. But the movement started again after him. However, the movement is being suppressed with strict hands. Sri Lankan security forces are reported to have already dismantled the main camp of the anti-government protesters. The camp has been evacuated.

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Meanwhile, Sri Lanka’s Special Task Force has been tasked with providing security to the country’s president’s residence. Army officers armed with automatic weapons provide security around the Sri Lankan President’s residence. The army has already dismantled the barricades made by the protesters. The protestors have already said that they will hand over the occupied Rashtrapati Bhavan to the administration.

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Meanwhile, the economic crisis in Sri Lanka continues. A total of two people died while standing in line at a petrol pump in Sri Lanka on Friday. Every day the prices of goods are increasing by leaps and bounds in that country. Not enough oil available. Long line of cars at the petrol pump. Oil is not available even after standing for a long time. Meanwhile, Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe has appointed Dinesh Gunawardene, a confidant of the Rajapakse family, as Prime Minister after taking power. Before that, Sri Lankan police and army removed the protestors from around the government building.

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