#New Delhi: The scientists of the world are now worried about the radiation of a strange wave Several days ago, on October 9, a long-term high-energy radiation burst into the Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists identified it as ‘gamma ray burst’ Scientists said, 1.9 billion years ago, this wave began its journey towards the Earth It has now reached the earth Scientists said, the effect of this radiation has been detected by various scientific instruments for about 10 hours Space scientists think that this event happened very close to Earth

The scientists disclosed the detailed information and said, this wave has come towards the earth at the speed of light It is said to be the most powerful explosion in the universe Scientists say this is one of the most impactful events ever That is why there is more concern about this incident

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Scientists say that the waves traveling at the speed of light have been detected in various detectors around the world The speed of this wave was the highest This wave was detected by the detector NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope Spacecraft have also detected that the energy wave has increased exponentially Scientists have also caught this wave

Scientists have named this phenomenon GRB 21009 and said the wave came from the star cluster Cigata. Scientists say it reached Earth 1.9 billion years ago

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