#Scotland: 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth was the longest-serving monarch in Britain’s royal family. The extent of the Queen’s property has been under intense debate since her death. Not only that, there is no end of interest in the whole world about who will be the owner of which property of the royal family.

Many people are trying to auction some items related to the British ruler to honor the Queen. At such a time shocking information came to light. After Rani’s death, a tea bag used by her has gone up for auction online. Not only that, the price that the used tea bag is priced at will raise eyebrows.

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Rani dipped the tea bag into the cup sometime in the 90s. After use, the tea bag was allegedly smuggled out of Windsor Castle. Now that tea bag is being sold online for $12,000. As an Indian that is about 9.5 lakh rupees

For those wondering if this tea bag was actually used by the Queen, the Decatur, Georgia-based seller has uploaded a certificate. The certificate is issued by Institute of Excellence (IECA). IECA ‘marks the following statements as entirely true,’ the certificate states.

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