#Dubai: The Indian team could not understand that there would be such a big loss. But it was done. Ravindra Jadeja, one of the best all-rounders in the team, has ended his Asia Cup. India was not ready for this shock. Ravindra Jadeja was dropped from the Indian team. Akshar Patel was taken in the Asia Cup team instead of him. Jadeja played in the first two matches. but suddenly He had to be injured.

Indian Cricket Board Secretary Jai Shah said that Jadeja has an injury in his right knee. Board doctors are monitoring his injuries. Akshar Patel’s name has been announced in his place. He is said to be joining the team in Dubai very soon. India suffered a big shock before the Super Four in the Asia Cup.

Jadeja came to bat at number four against Pakistan. He scored 35 runs off 29 balls. This all-rounder played a major role behind India’s victory. He took one wicket for 15 runs in four overs against Hong Kong. He became India’s most successful bowler in the Asia Cup. Irfan Pathan (22) was toppled. Jadeja was playing the Asia Cup for the sixth time with this.

In 2010, he took four wickets in the Asia Cup for the first time. Got a wicket in 2012. He took seven wickets in 2014, three in 2016 and seven in 2018. He has got one wicket so far. Pathan took all the wickets in the 50 over format.

Jadeja has taken wickets in the 50 over format as well as the 20 over format. But Akshar Patel is a decent enough cricketer in this format. Bowling is good throughout. Recently improved his batting. So there is no doubt that Akshar can perform well given the opportunity.

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