#Doha: One of the most interesting protests of the football World Cup is the match ball. In fact, the way this match ball is now being made with the latest technology, from the referee to the footballer – everyone’s job has become much easier. 92 of the FIFA World Cup of the year Al Rihla 14th match ball in history this year. It is also the most modern. This magnificent football has been created in the amalgamation of history and modernity.

There are variations in 20 panels. Al Rihla, it is Arabic word. It means ‘The Journey’. Culture, architecture, Qatar’s national flag and iconic boats, everything is put on this ball. World Cup in Qatar. The name of the official match ball has been created in accordance with the country. This time the name of the ball is Al Rihla.

FIFA has also used several advanced technologies in this match. This ball will also help to understand VAR technology and offside. The name of the official match ball is changed every World Cup. Several facilities are also kept. FIFA has used modern technology for the first time.

This ball will speed up the match. This ball will travel much faster in the air than the match ball of previous World Cups. Therefore, it is believed that the speed of the game will increase in the World Cup. But this is the first match where real time data will be available from the ball. According to the manufacturer Adidas. Semi-automated offside technology and information from the VAR system will make it easier for referees to make decisions.

This technology has been used experimentally in FIFA Arab Cup and FIFA Club World Cup. Accurate information about motion and bounce can be obtained through the suspension system and motion sensors. 12 cameras installed at the top of the stadium will track the movement of each match.

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