#Calcutta: Jeetu Kamal’s Facebook profile picture suddenly changed on Monday evening. Actor Sabyasachi Chowdhury is currently glowing in his profile picture hugging Maa Kali. In the form of big hair. Not only did the profile picture change, Jeetu also wrote an upset message with her.

Why change this picture? What did actor Jeetu Kamal write? Actually, actress Aindrila Sharma is not good. Lying in a hospital bed, fighting for 11 days. Still not regained consciousness. As a result, the cloud of fear is gradually approaching. Lover Sabyasachi showed the light of hope to the well-wishers of Aindrila on November 7, he is also waiting for a miracle today. His Facebook post made some time ago is apprehensive. Sabyasachi wrote “I never thought I would write this here, I wrote it today. Pray for Aindrila. Pray for a miracle. Pray for supernatural. She is fighting against all odds, beyond human.”

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Soon after, messages of prayer started pouring in under his post. The number of comments on the post has crossed several thousand. Everyone wants something miraculous to happen. Come back after winning the war, everyone’s favorite, Sabyasachi’s ‘phoenix bird’ Aindrila.

Meanwhile, within moments of Sabyasachi’s post, actor Jeetu Amal changed his profile picture. There, with Sabyasachi’s picture, she writes, “Even God needs to be reminded sometimes… that this boy’s name is Sabya…🕉“. In fact, the way lover actor Sabyasachi has been fighting shoulder to shoulder with Aindrila for a long time, the way he has kept the heroine, he has won the love, affection and blessings of everyone. Today, it is clear from his post that he is also helpless.

According to hospital sources, Aindrila is still kept on C-Pap support, she has not regained consciousness. The actress is in a frenzy. Incidentally, Aindrila Sharma has been admitted to a private hospital in Howrah since November 1 due to a sudden brain stroke. Since then unequal war has been going on.

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