#London: The burden of handling Britain’s political damadol can fall on an Indian Rishi Sunak had previously fought for the post of Prime Minister of Britain But he was defeated After Liz Truss left office, Sunak’s chances of becoming prime minister have brightened again

According to international media reports, 180 of the total 357 MPs have so far publicly announced who they will support for the post of Prime Minister. Of these, 155 said they would support Sunock, while the remaining 25 said they would support Penny Mordant.

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Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already announced his decision to withdraw from the race for the post of Prime Minister He said that 50 MPs would support him, but since he stepped down, that calculation is no longer valid

How will this election be? Nominations close at 2pm London time on Monday A candidate will need the support of 100 Tory MPs to reach the next stage There are a total of 357 Tory members in the British Parliament

After that, if only one can cross the 100 mark, then he will be the direct leader of the Tory party and the next Prime Minister. And if it is seen that more than one candidate has crossed the 100 mark, then the next step will be voting Whoever wins will be the Prime Minister

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