Rockets, mines, machine guns stolen from Israeli military bases
Rockets, mines, machine guns stolen from Israeli military bases

Various weapons worth কোটি 15 million have been reported stolen from the military base of the illegal state of Israel.

The Middle East Monitor reported on Tuesday, citing the Israeli media Haaretz. The stolen weapons include rockets, rocket launchers, mines and machine guns.

The report cited government sources as saying the stolen weapons included assault rifles, machine guns, various types of grenades, rocket launchers and explosives, and more than 1.5 million rounds of ammunition.

Between 2013 and 2020, hundreds of guns, about 50 rocket launchers and many other types of weapons were reported stolen. However, no one was specifically blamed for this.

It is being speculated that the actual value of the stolen weapons may be much higher as not all the stolen weapons have been accounted for.

Meanwhile, Israel’s defense chief, Benny Gantz, said Iran was only two months away from building a nuclear weapon. The UN nuclear watchdog has also recently released alarming reports on Iran’s nuclear weapons.

The United States is currently trying to bring Iran back into the nuclear deal. To this end, it has held at least six meetings with Iran in Vienna, the capital of Austria, since last May. But the talks were not fruitful.

A top Biden administration official said on Tuesday that talks with Iran were still open. Iran is sending signals to some parties that they also want to return to talks. It remains to be seen whether they will be included in the discussion at all.

Saudi allies, including Israel, Iran’s arch-rival, believe the talks will not deter Iran from developing nuclear weapons. However, the United States believes that diplomacy is the best way to stop Iran.