#Melbourne: Rohit Sharma is as serious on the cricket field as he is known for his sense of humor off the field. Not many cricketers know better than how to motivate the team while maintaining a light-hearted attitude. This T20 World Cup is an acid test for Rohit as a captain. T20 World Cup starts tomorrow. Before that, the captains of 16 teams held a joint press conference on Saturday.

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In the second stage were Rohit and Pakistan captain Babar Azam. Rohit was in a very light mood in that press conference. In response to the question about the Indian captain, Babar said, Rohit is bigger than me. I try to take inspiration from him. Because he has played so well. What can be learned from someone is good for us.

Rohit laughed in a light mood hearing Babar’s words. Then Rohit said, what Babar said, he said absolutely right. We understand the importance of the India-Pakistan match. But there is no point in creating pressure in yourself. So when we meet, we talk about family. As seen in Asia Cup, now seen.

When we meet we talk about our families. For example, who will buy a car, which school will the children attend, which new phone model will be released in the market, etc. Being a cricketer doesn’t mean you have to discuss cricket all the time.

I have heard from our previous generation of cricketers that they also maintained good relations with Pakistani cricketers outside the game. This is normal. Babar said, India and our language are one. People’s thoughts and past are similar.

Enmity persists in the field. But beyond that our relationship is like friends. So whatever the two say, there is no doubt that the fight between the two arch-rivals in Melbourne on October 23 is going to be of a different dimension.

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