#Kolkata: Singer Rupankar Bagchi finally paid tribute to the late singer KK by singing his song. Still haven’t forgotten Rupankar’s video the day before KK’s death. The singer asked the question, ‘Who is Keke Man?’ And the next day the tragic incident happened. KK fell ill after performing at Nazrul Manch in Kolkata. The singer passed away within a few hours.

Sudden grief over Keke’s death and a video of Roopankar along with it. These two together created a stir on social media. Netizens started raising anger on Rupankar’s social media. Even Roopankar and his family kept receiving one threat after another. He had to approach the police. At the end, the singer expressed his condolences to KK’s family after reading the statement at the press conference. But that didn’t stop it.

A group of netizens attacked netizens again on social media. He asked why Rupankar had to apologize after reading the statement. Some time has passed since then. Netizens have forgotten the issue on social media as well. In the meantime, Rupankar came to do a music program on a private channel. And there he paid tribute to KK.

Before singing the song, Rupankar said, “The film was called My Brother Nikhil. Sanjay Suri’s film. It was Juhi Chawla. There were three versions of this song. One was sung by KK. An amazingly sung song.”

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Rupankar also said that he used to sing this song a lot earlier. Now there is a bit of getting used to it. The video of this song is viral right now. On the one hand, a group of netizens praised Rupankar’s behavior. On the other hand, some people did not allow him to be pierced again. Some sarcastically commented, “Now you know who’s who?” Others say, “Time teaches everything”. Someone else said, “Apologizing for a mistake is a big deal.”

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Incidentally, the day before Kek’s death, Rupankar said in his video, “KK? Who is K! We sing better than any KK. All the singers I named sing better than KK. From South India, Punjab, Odisha. Learn. How long will you show so much excitement about Bombay! Be a Bengali please.” Many people are outraged against this video.

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