#Kiev: Many thought that he might flee the country after the war. But he vowed to fight. That’s what he did. Ukrainian President Zelensky did not give up the fight even in the face of Russia’s heavy attack. August 24, the country’s 31st Independence Day, marks six months since the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

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But Ukraine on the ground There were already indications that the intensity of Russian attacks may increase in the coming days. Keeping that fear in mind, warnings were issued across the country today. Public gatherings are not allowed anywhere. Only government and military events have taken place. However, a Russian missile targeting a railway station in central Ukraine still injured several people, Zelensky said.

The wreckage of wrecked Russian tanks and artillery glittered in the background. In the speech broadcast by the media, the Ukrainian president said, “We were told on February 24 (the day the war started) that there is no chance left. And today, 24th August, we wish Independence Day. In these six months we have changed history. I changed the world. After all, we ourselves have changed.

In the speech of the day, Zelensky vowed to restore the Donbas region and Crimea occupied by Russia. Many countries including America, Germany, France, Finland, Lithuania, Britain have congratulated Ukrainians on Independence Day.

Outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson attended Zelensky’s event in Kyiv with a message of support. Boris said Zelensky is a great example for leaders around the world. Former British Prime Minister praised her fighting spirit and determination.

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