#Islamabad: What a serious incident in Pakistan’s hospital! Numerous rotting bodies were found on the roof of a government medical college hospital in Pakistan’s Punjab province. The number of dead bodies has already crossed 200. It is believed that the number can be 500! The chief minister of that province has already constituted a six-member investigation committee in this incident.

It is known that the medical college hospital in Multan is located about 350 km away from Lahore. There are various types of information about the corpse found on the roof of that hospital. Some say that the number of dead bodies is 200, but some claim that the number is more than five hundred. According to Pakistani media sources, Punjab Chief Minister Chowdhury Parvez Elahi has sought a report from the Health Secretary for this incident. He said, “It is inhumane to throw bodies on the roof of the hospital. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the responsible personnel.”

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However, a source in the hospital said that unidentified and unclaimed bodies are kept in the hospital’s morgue. When the bodies began to decompose, they were kept in airy rooms on the roof of the morgue. Some unclaimed corpses were used to teach medical students. And it was done according to rules and regulations. However, hospital officials have denied reports of more than five hundred dead bodies.

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Adviser to Chief Minister Tariq Zaman Gujjar visited the government hospital in Central Multan. Last Friday, he said, while visiting the hospital, someone told him, “Please go to the roof of the hospital.” But when he went to the morgue, a hospital worker blocked his way. He was not willing to open the door of the morgue. Then the worker was forced to open the door. Gujjar went to the roof and was surprised. He found 25 rotting bodies in a locked room. After that, the procession of corpses came out slowly.

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