Sun News Desk: Bollywood’s powerful actor Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter Sonakshi Sinha made her debut on the silver screen long ago. She has established herself as a popular actress.

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This time son Kush Sinha also made his name in Bollywood. But he is coming as a producer, not an actor. His first movie is going to be ‘Nikita Roy and the Book of Darkness’. The first look poster of the movie has already been released.

Sonakshi Sinha was seen in it. Yes, Kush Sinha has cast his sister as the heroine in his first project. So some interest has been created in the audience about this movie of brother and sister.

Talking about taking his sister in the movie, Kush said, ‘Sonakshi is a talented actress. I have always seen, he works selectively. Do not agree to work without choice. After finding this script, I called Sonakshi to show it first. He likes it too. That’s when we decided to work together.’

The published poster shows the magic of blue solitude. Sonakshi appeared as the mysterious Nikita. It is expected to be a horror-thriller movie. The movie will be jointly produced by Niki Vicki Bhagnani Films and Nikita Pai Films.

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Incidentally, Sonakshi was last seen on screen in last year’s ‘Bhooj: The Pride of India’. Currently, he has several movies in hand. Notable among them is ‘Double XL’. Where Huma Qureshi is with him.

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