#New Delhi: Put Hari, who kills! This saying is probably true for this Brazilian fisherman Who floated in the Atlantic Ocean for 11 consecutive days After that other sailors saw him from another boat and saved him Most importantly, he did not know how to swim in the sea However, Macedo Rodríguez returned home alive and well

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In August, he crossed the sea from a beach in Brazil to catch fish But in the middle of the sea, he suddenly realizes that his boat has a leak, water is entering A fish trawler sinks But he did not lose his strength of mind “I was desperate,” he says Once it seemed that my death was approaching, but God saved me. How he survived, you will be more surprised. He survived by relying on a freezer that is a refrigerator for storing fish

He said, he was gradually getting tired He was clinging to the freezer to survive He was floating in that freezer for 11 days He used to sleep inside that freezer, he emptied the inside of that freezer with his own hands While drifting like this, once a group of whales crowded around him He only thought about his family then and could save his mind from him After that, on the 11th day, a boat came near that freezer The boat fishermen thought there was no one inside the boat, but Rodriguez somehow signaled his presence by waving his arms and legs. After that, the sailors of that boat pulled Rodriguez And everyone was shocked to hear this story from his mouth

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