#London: He wanted to come to India for training as there were no necessary facilities in the country. That’s it possible did not For this reason, Pakistan’s female badminton star Mahur Shahzad pointed to the bitter political relations between the two countries. Talking about his experience, he said that in 2019, some of our players tried to go to India for training. But we were not given visa.

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If the relationship between the two countries improves, we may get an opportunity to go to India for training. He is a five-time national champion in Pakistan badminton. But that is not enough to stop a player like Sindhu. Mahur feels that India has come a long way in badminton in the last few years. They cannot be compared with Pakistan.

Indian badminton players compete with China and Japan. He feels that there is nothing surprising in the loss to India. Shahzad said, India is now one of the best teams in the world in badminton. Champion in the last Commonwealth Games. We have a lot to learn from the Indian players. You can learn by playing against the best players in the world.

Pakistan shuttler also said that a personal defeat is expected by Sindhu by 21-7, 21-6. The badminton player who participated in the Tokyo Olympics said that Sindhu is a former world champion. Won a silver medal in the Olympics. Sindh’s shot variety is high. Speed ​​is high on the court. You can’t always predict what shots will hit.

Despite losing, Shahzad tried to learn from Sindh’s game. But not just Shahzad, Pakistan’s men’s badminton star Murad Ali also feels that the way he almost surrendered against Srikanth proves that India is ahead in all aspects.

Government of Pakistan does not give importance to any sport except cricket. The golden age of Pakistan is no more in hockey. Pakistani players feel that the government’s support and infrastructure play a big role in the development of Indian players there.

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