The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known for its deserts. However, there has been heavy rain in the area for the past two days. And the flood of videos coming out of the country is already frightening.

Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah were particularly affected by heavy rainfall. Several roads in Fujairah were flooded, reports said.

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Videos shared on social media lack structure. A lot of property damage is seen. Roads collapsed, several cars floated like turtles and floodwaters poured over the roads. According to the description it is understood to be somewhere near Fujairah Airport.

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One of the many viral videos from the country shows cars in a city submerged in water. A video shocked netizens, showing the city of Sharjah completely flooded. The famous Kalba market was completely destroyed by the flood. Apart from this, heavy water waves are seen breaking the glass doors and windows of several shops. Another video, a drone shot of Fujairah city, shows the aftermath of the floods…

Images of the aftermath of the floods in Fujairah, where we see the entire city badly damaged. Many vehicles are lying upside down on both sides of the road. According to Khaleej Times, authorities have deployed military vehicles to rescue people from the affected areas. According to a recent report by Reuters, 7 bodies were found in the country on Friday after the recent floods. The Nationals reported that emergency crews rescued at least 870 people. 3897 people have been kept in temporary shelter.

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