Sun News Desk: Dhakai movie actress Mahia Mahi is saddened by the news of singer SI Tutul and actress Tania Ahmed’s two-decade marriage breakup.

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Mahi posted a picture of Tutul with bride Sonia on Facebook and gave a status. In his words – ‘Apu Tanya, the chest rose. But let him dwell where there is peace. Good luck.’

Popular musician SI Tutul and actress Tanya Ahmed got married on 19 July 1999. After five years of separation, the couple officially divorced late last year. They have two children in this family.

This month, Tutul married US expatriate presenter Sharmin Siraj Sonia. This is also Sonia’s second marriage. Sonia has hosted several TV shows in the country. Then he went to America and joined social organizations along with presentations.

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