#New Delhi: The case of Brazil. The Quima Pe River is the main water source for a town in the Mato Grasso district. The name of that city is Tangara de Serra. And that stream is not polluted by pouring blue color! Even because of personal pleasure!

How dangerous it is to determine the sex of the child before birth, we do not know now. Only for this reason, thousands of female fetuses do not see the light of day. But overseas, prenatal sex determination has become a concern for other reasons. Why not, many people from the rich class are not only concerned about knowing that identity, but at the same time they are making a lot of noise by telling everyone about it. For example, earlier a couple almost set fire to the neighborhood while setting off fireworks on this occasion.

But what happened this time, it is called irresponsibility. It has been learned that a couple has polluted the water purity of an entire spring by pouring blue dye to reveal the gender identity of their unborn child. In this context, a Twitter video has gone viral in the net world. It is seen that the couple organized a party with all their friends at the shower. Not only did they stop by polluting the water, they also polluted the air by arranging blue smoke around the fountain. The video was shared on Twitter by an environmentalist named Van Costa.

For good reason, the couple has now come under question from the Mato Grasso administration. The administration said that a detailed investigation of the incident will continue. In its early stages, there was anger over revealing the child’s gender before birth, which is illegal in Brazil under Brazilian law.

The administration will surely punish the couple. They can also be jailed for several years. But in the world where they are bringing the child, by polluting the water and air of the world, they put the future child in the face of this punishment!

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