Sun News Desk: Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi said that like oil, the government will fix the prices of nine commodities including rice and wheat. The Tariff Commission will determine the reasonable price of these products within the next 15 days. Legal action will be taken against anyone who charges more than the prescribed price.

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He gave this information after a meeting held at the Ministry of Commerce on Tuesday (August 30) regarding the price of daily necessities.

The Minister of Commerce said that it is true that the price of oil in the international market has decreased. But we are not getting the result because the price of dollar has increased.

He said that the price of the dollar in the international market will be adjusted again. The government continues to try to control the value of the dollar in the domestic market. If it is possible, the product price will be adjusted again.

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The six banks accused of manipulating the dollar are being dealt with by higher authorities. No one will be exempted. Commerce Minister also commented that legal action will be taken if necessary.

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