#Pakistan: A major reshuffle at the top of the army in neighboring countries. The name of Pakistan’s new army chief has been announced. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif announced Lieutenant General Asim Munir as the country’s army chief on Thursday. Besides, Lt. Gen. Shahir Shamshad Mirza has been assigned as Joint Chief of Staff Committee of Pakistan.

Shahbaz announced the name of Asim as the country’s army chief after the cabinet meeting in Islamabad on Thursday. Shortly after that, Nawaz’s daughter and Pak Minister Maryam tweeted this news.

Asim Munir was the head of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI during the Pulwama attack. Moreover, this Asim is also a favorite of outgoing Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwar.

Both Asim Munir and Shamshad Mirza were promoted to four-star general status by that country’s government following the announcement. Pak Defense Minister Khwaja Asif said that the names of Asim and Shamshad have already been sent to President Arif Alvi as per the protocol. All the rules are being followed in the appointment of the new army chief.

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However, why this sudden change in the position of Pak army chief? There is a strong buzz across Pakistan that former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is behind this. Imran has called for a big gathering in Rawalpindi on November 26. Just two days before that, Asim, who is well-known as an opponent of Imran, was given the responsibility of army chief. Naturally, due to which a storm of speculation is rising in the political circles of the country.

Imran has repeatedly accused the Pakistan Army of controlling the governance of the country. At the center of his complaint was outgoing Army Chief Bajwa. Imran accused Bajwa of plotting to topple his government. However, Bajwa dismissed the allegation.

This time too, Imran faces another person he dislikes. Asim Munir Asim was the ISI chief when the Pulwama blasts took place in India in 2017. But his position did not last long. Because Imran became the Prime Minister of Pakistan after that. He was removed from the post of ISI chief on his orders. Imran-Asim’s conflict probably started from that.

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