#Kolkata: It was already clear that Emami, the new investor company of East Bengal, was working from the ground up in getting foreign footballers even though they entered the field late. Only British coach Stephen Constantine was waiting for the green signal. Among them, the Spanish defender Ivan Gonzales was already confirmed.

But the name that was being heard was Henry Kisseker. It was understood that it would not happen. Finally, Emami East Bengal announced the final names of five foreign footballers on Friday. These are Charalambas Kyriku. This Cyprus defender is 32 years old. He has the experience of winning all kinds of tournaments in that country. Can build games from the ground up.

Second known foreigner in Indian football. Ivan Gonzales. The footballer who came out of the Real Madrid academy played in the FC Goa jersey in the Indian Super League. His guessing power is worth watching. Alex Lima is East Bengal’s number three foreign footballer. He also played in Jamshedpur. Everyone knows Lima’s ability to increase skill and pass. This midfielder is quite experienced. Won the League Winners Shield in India.

The fourth foreigner is Eleanor of Brazil. The forward playing footballer has played a lot of matches in Lithuania and Malta. Thailand also played. Eliandro has scored 23 goals there in the last two years. The fifth foreigner of the red and yellow team is Clayton Silva. He also played in Bengaluru alongside Sunil Chhetri. A very intelligent and tactical footballer.

However, Emami said that the process of registering these five foreigners has been started as soon as possible. Efforts are being made to bring them to India as soon as possible. Because East Bengal wants to keep as many foreigners as possible on the 28th in the derby.

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