#Dublin: A woman was judged on the basis of her gender and age in a job interview. The woman had a job interview at Domino’s, a famous food manufacturer. This incident in Northern Ireland is currently in the news headlines.

Because, the woman took legal action after this incident. Due to which the organization has to pay compensation of 3 lakh rupees in Indian currency to the complainant. The organization also has to apologize to the woman. According to a report by the international news agency BBC, the first question the woman was asked in the interview was how old she was.

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The woman had gone to audition for a job as a delivery driver at an outlet in the Strabane area of ​​Country Tyrone. “You don’t look like it,” said the recruiter after telling the age. Then he realizes that he will not get the job.

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The complainant has been identified as Janice Walls. He immediately disclosed the incident through Facebook. Walls was later apologized to by the interview panel. Walls questioned how a company could judge delivery drivers based on women and their age. Walls was compensated by the company only after taking legal action.

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