50 percent of workers cut from Blue Tick charges Elon Musk has been in the headlines of controversy ever since he became the leader of Twitter This time the news is about the private plane of Dhankuber It is heard that he has ordered a flashy private jet for himself According to media reports, his upcoming aircraft is the Gulfstream G700. This aircraft will reach him at the beginning of next year His price is about 78 million dollars

The aircraft ‘Gulfstream G700’ has a cabin length of 57 feet The range of this modern aircraft is 7500 nautical miles That is, once fully fueled, it can fly continuously from Austin to Hong Kong There will be no need to refuel midway According to experts, its cabin is currently the largest, most creative and versatile in the world One of the special features of this aircraft is the Rolls Royce engine and the Symmetry flight deck

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Apart from this, the aircraft features its own Wi-Fi system, 20 oval windows measuring 28 inches x 21 inches and two lavatories. Elon Musk’s current personal plane is the G650ER Sometimes the Twitter handle uses it for travel Launched three years ago, the G700 replaces the older G650ER

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