Sun News Desk: The price of daily commodities is increasing in the country. The prices of rice, dal, flour, flour, oil, sugar, gram have been increasing continuously for the past few days. However, the price of onion, garlic, ginger, egg and broiler chicken has decreased over the week.

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On Friday (November 18), it can be seen in the markets of the capital that the prices of imported and domestic onions have started to decrease as the raw onions have started arriving. A few days ago, the price of onion was 60 taka. Now available in Rs.50. Apart from this, the price of garlic and ginger has decreased by Tk 20 to Tk 30.

The supply of goods in the market has increased when the price has fallen. Besides, the prices of other products remain unchanged. Meanwhile, winter vegetables are plentiful in the market. Prices are also slightly lower than the last two weeks. However, no vegetable is available for less than 50 rupees per kg. Which used to be 60 to 80 taka.

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Domestic onion is being sold at 50 to 55 taka per kg, its price was 60 taka a few weeks ago, imported onion is available at 40 to 50 taka per kg. Which were sold last week for Rs 50 to 55. Local garlic is being sold at Tk 70 to Tk 90 per kg with a decrease of Tk 10, compared to Tk 80 to Tk 100 last week, while local ginger is being sold at Tk 200 to Tk 220, compared to Tk 220 to Tk 240 last week.

Meanwhile, broiler is being sold in the market for 170 to 180 taka. At the beginning of this month, it was sold at 180 to 190 or more per kg. Accordingly, the price of this meat has decreased by 10 taka. On the other hand, the price of farm chicken eggs has started to decrease in the market. Eggs are being sold at Tk 40 to Tk 45 each. Which was 50 rupees a week ago.

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Coarse rice in the market increased by 2 to 3 taka per kg. Normal quality Pajam or coarse rice is being sold at Tk 54 to Tk 60 per kg, which was Tk 52 to Tk 58 last week. And medium quality rice has to be bought at 70 to 75 taka and good quality thin rice is sold at above 80 taka.

Apart from this, the price of packet flour has increased by Tk 4 to Tk 70 per kg. The price of packet flour has increased by Tk 10 to Tk 80 per kg. Open flour is being bought at 65 taka, and flour at 75 taka.

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The increase in the price of edible oil and sugar came into effect from Thursday (November 17). At the new price, one liter bottle of soybean oil is being sold at Tk 190. Which was 178 taka earlier. The new price of five liter bottle of soybean oil is Tk 925. Earlier it was 880 Tk. The new price of open soybeans is Tk 172 per litre. So far it was 158 Tk.

Besides, the price of packaged sugar has been increased by Tk 13 to Tk 108 per kg. Although open sugar is being sold at the price of Tk 120 per kg in the market. In some places, sugar was seen to be sold at a slightly lower price of 115 rupees.

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On the other hand, prices of almost all types of pulses have been on the rise for over a month. The price of gram is increasing again. Lentils are being sold at Tk 110 to Tk 140 per kg in the open market and chickpeas are being sold at Tk 85 to Tk 90 per kg with an increase of Tk 5.

The prices of winter vegetables have started decreasing in the market. 120 Tk SIM reduced, now seen selling at 50 to 60 Tk. Carrots and ripe tomatoes are Tk 100 per kg, potal, bitter gourd, brinjal, lettuce at Tk 40 to Tk 50 per kg. Cauliflower and cabbage 35 to 40 taka per copy.

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