#Kolkata: The Durand Cup Kolkata Derby has been postponed. Bengali’s big match will be on August 28 instead of August 16. Before that, East Bengal’s foundation day was celebrated on August 1 with grandeur. And on August 2 Kolkata is a five star at the hotel The signing ceremony of Investor Emami and East Bengal was celebrated with grandeur.

Director Aditya Agarwal on behalf of the investor organization said that the team will be formed as if it were the ISL champion. A little time and patience from supporters. East Bengal’s heritage and traditions are being shaped for the future. Before that, the Durand Cup. Kolkata Derby is also on 28th.

The red and yellow master left the hope of seeing the arch rival Mohun Bagan on the field. He did not forget to say that East Bengal will play the derby in his familiar mood. Most of the Indian footballers have been signed. There is no doubt that if four to five good foreigners can be brought in, the strength of the team will increase a lot. Investors will hold 73 percent and East Bengal Club will hold 27 percent.

The board of directors will have 7 people from Emami and 3 people from East Bengal. Got to work with a fairly large budget. Former India’s Stephen Constantine has been chosen as the coach. His vast knowledge of Indian football will come in handy for the East Bengal team. But this is not the first time Emami has poured money into sports.

CAB, Mary Kom, Vijendra, Sushil Kumar have been sponsored by various athletes before this organization. But in East Bengal their role is different. They came as investors. Both parties are hopeful that this relationship will be long-lasting. Bino George, who took charge as a coach in East Bengal’s Durand Cup, was present on this day.

There were former footballers. Famed footballer Prashant Banerjee is hopeful of a late start but the way East Bengal and their investors are going, the red and yellow will wash away the trophy. In addition, the Red Yellow owner and investor also threatened to see Mohun Bagan in the derby.

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