International Desk: Urging an end to the war, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told world leaders at the G20 summit that Russia must end the war now.

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In a video message on Tuesday (November 15), he addressed the world leaders who participated in the G-20 conference. BBC news.

Russian President Vladimir Putin did not attend this year’s G20 summit. Instead, he sent Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

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Zelensky said in his speech that now is the time when Russia’s destructive war can be stopped.

Zelensky alleged that Russia is trying to turn winter into a weapon against millions of people by bombing critical infrastructure in Ukraine as winter approaches.

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During this time he made several outlines, including nuclear war, ensuring food security, ending hostilities and de-escalation, and repeatedly addressed the “G-19” excluding Russia.

Addressing the G-20 summit on food and energy security, Zelensky said the food-grains agreement should be extended indefinitely, regardless of when the war ends. The contract expired on November 19.

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The United Nations says 10 million tons of grains and other food have been successfully exported worldwide since the Food-Grains Agreement began.

Meanwhile, Russia said on Saturday that no decision had been made yet on extending the deal.



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