#New Delhi: The Nobel Prize in Chemistry is announced This time three scientists got Nobel The 2022 Nobel Prize winners include America’s Carolyn R. Bartozzi and K. Barry Sharpless. Also present is Denmark’s Morten Meldahl The award was announced by the Royal Swedish Academy It should be noted that Sharpless received the Nobel once in 2001 He is the second person to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry twice

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The announcement of the Nobel Prize has started since last Monday The Nobel Prize in Medicine was announced that day After that, three scientists won the Nobel Prize in Physics The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was announced after him The Nobel Literature Prize will be announced gradually, followed by the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday and the Nobel Economics Prize the day after that.

The award was announced for the discovery of a special method for attaching molecules, the Academy said in the announcement. It is believed that this work will be of particular help in the study of click chemistry Bertozzi, who teaches at Stanford University, says the research will certainly help advance click chemistry.

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