#New Delhi: iOS 16.2 weather app integration support! Find out what benefits will be available in detail Tech giant Apple has come up with a new regional weather app. Through this, iPhone users will see the new integration regional weather updates or local weather news. This new weather service was introduced in iOS 16.2 beta. With this new feature of Apple, users can get detailed information about the local weather in their region.

Article links will be sent to users in the Apple News section. Where the weather related updates of that region will be reported. According to reports, there is no ‘turn off’ option for this new feature of Apple’s news integration support setting. Also, Apple has not given users the option to choose data tiles on the phone’s display. That means users can’t turn off the weather app’s notifications and can’t choose the data tiles they want.

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On the other hand, if users delete this new app, they will still get weather updates through the open in news link. In this case, clicking on that link will open Apple’s new URL through the web version. Where various weather information can be found.

Last month iOS 16.2 beta was an update for users. From now on, users can send reports directly to the organization in case of emergency SOS. Apple iOS 16.2 beta will now ask users for feedback when they disable Emergency SOS mode, according to reports.

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Most of the people think that this new feature of Apple will benefit the users. Live weather messages on smartphones will make it easier to avoid any danger in the affected areas. With this news integration support setting, iPhone users will also get local weather forecast for specific regions. Although it was launched in iOS 16.2 beta, it remains to be seen whether it will be available on all devices later.

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