Sun News Desk: In the last 24 hours, 2 lakh 31 thousand 306 people have been identified as infected with corona and 866 people have died due to covid-related diseases. Besides, 3 lakh 74 thousand 414 people have recovered from Corona this day.

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The latest information was available from Worldometers, a website that keeps track of the number of cases, deaths and health of the coronavirus on Saturday (November 4) morning.

South Korea was at the top of daily infections worldwide; And on this day, the highest number of deaths due to covid-related illness was in the United States. In South Korea, 43 thousand 424 people were identified as corona positive on Friday and 35 people died of this disease.

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On the other hand, on the same day, 148 people died of Covid-related illness in the United States and 21 thousand 312 people were identified as corona positive.

Apart from South Korea and the United States, other countries that have seen high infection-death rates in the last 24 hours are Japan (34,64 new cases, 59 deaths), France (29,438 new cases, 78 deaths), Taiwan. (27 thousand 594 new cases, 74 dead), Russia (71 dead, 6 thousand 154 cases), Brazil (68 dead, 2 thousand 738 new cases) and Australia (59 dead, 15 thousand new cases) 618 people).

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Currently, the number of active corona patients in the world is 1 crore 39 lakh 46 thousand 107 people. Among these patients, 1 crore 39 lakh 10 thousand 44 people are carrying mild symptoms of corona and 36 thousand 63 people are in serious condition.

Incidentally, in December 2019, the first patient with coronavirus was detected in Wuhan, China. Then on March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Corona as a ‘global pandemic’. Earlier, on January 20 of the same year, the organization announced a global emergency.

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