As much as efforts are made to tighten cyber security, hackers seem to find some way of evil. Security in the cyber world is like a thunderbolt. Another big blow to online security. A crypto-mining malware has unknowingly infiltrated thousands of computers. Surprisingly, this virus was actually in the form of Google Translate app. According to a study by Check Point Research (CPR), the malware, named Nitocode, was created by a Turkish company to mimic a Google Translate desktop application.

Since Google has yet to create a separate app for its translation service, the Turkish company has taken advantage of that opportunity. And to translate, many users have downloaded this malware to their computers without realizing it behind the app.

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Once the app is downloaded, it creates a massive crypto mining operation on the infected device. First, the virus installs itself on the computer through the scheduled task mechanism. Then this terrible malware mines the Monero cryptocurrency on the infected device. After gaining access to the infected computer, it automatically takes full control. The computer user, however, may not know anything about this unwanted guest on his computer or its usage. Later the malware destroys the entire system.

Google Translate is replaced by a virus –

The CPR report claims that after the malware is executed, it establishes a connection to the C&C server and starts mining crypto after configuring the XMRig crypto miner. Surprisingly, the fact that the software is also easily available on Google. Searching for “Google Translate Desktop download” comes up with malware in the form of this software. Obviously, the software contains a Trojan virus.

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Computers in 11 countries have been attacked –

The dreaded Nitocode malware is believed to be lurking on computers in at least 11 countries. The malware attacks started in 2019. Since then, the Nitocode malware has been up to the nitty-gritty. CPR via Twitter regularly tweets to warn about crypto mining campaigns.

Cyber ​​attacks have increased in recent times –

Every day there is news of some virus attack in the tech world. The process of removing infected apps from the Google Play Store has been in place for a long time. According to Zscaler Threatlabz, Joker malware infected 50 apps on the Google Play Store earlier this year. Google had to remove those apps from Play Store. According to the Zscaler team, the Joker, Facestellar and Cooper malware spread to people’s devices via apps.

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