#Pakistan: Imran Khan at the head of the truck. Crowds of followers on either side. Suddenly the bullets came. The former Prime Minister of Pakistan fell down. Tolpar Pakistan. On Thursday, Imran Khan’s procession was fired at.

Imran was allegedly attacked by multiple assailants. Behind one of the attackers was a young man in his 30s. He pulled the assailant’s hand holding the gun. Six rounds missed the target. The footage of this entire incident has been caught on CCTV camera. Currently, this young man is the ‘hero’ of Pakistan! CCTV footage shows the attacker holding a gun, pointing the barrel of the gun towards the sky. Because the young man pulled his hand holding the gun from behind. He is wearing a red-white-blue T-shirt. However, the name or identity of the young man has not yet been revealed by any Pakistani media. Pakistan’s Geo TV sources said that a total of six rounds were fired from that gun but did not hit the target.

Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, who was shot during the program of Tehreek-e-Insaf, was shot in his right leg, and is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital. Imran got 4 bullets in his leg. 15 injured including Imran Khan.

According to Pakistani media, Imran, who was riding in an SUV at Alwala Chowk in Gurjanwala district of Wazirabad, was appealing to his supporters to join the long march. At that time, a person suddenly started shooting Elopathari. AK-47 fired at Imran. After being shot, Imran told party workers, “Allah has given me a new life.” I’ll be back, fighting back. I know that the shot was fired to kill me. They wanted to kill me, but they don’t know, God is protecting me.

It is known that Imran Khan called on all party leaders, workers and supporters to gather at Lirbati Chowk in Lahore on Friday to demand the restoration of democracy in Pakistan. From there they will all walk about 400 km to Islamabad. Earlier, Imran attended a rally of party supporters in Wazirabad. That’s where the shooting happened.

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