#Dhaka: At least 24 people died in trawler sinking in Bangladesh on the day of Mahalya Many are still missing Among the dead were several children This tragic accident happened on Sunday in Boda Upazila of Panchagarh district of Bangladesh

According to various media reports of Bangladesh, a trawler with around 100 passengers sank in Boda Upazila’s Karatoya river near Marwa Auliya Ghat around 2:30 PM on Sunday. The fire brigade has so far managed to recover the bodies of 24 people, including women and children Many people are still missing As a result, there is a fear that the number of dead may increase

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On the opposite side of the Aulia Ghat, where the accident took place, is the Badeswari temple It is reported that the passengers of the trawler were going to attend the function of Mahalaya on that occasion

On the occasion of Mahalaya, many people from the surrounding districts come to Badeshwari temple every year There is a huge crowd there even on Sundays But a tragic accident happened in it Accidents on waterways are not new in Bangladesh Many people lose their lives in Bangladesh every year in boat, launch, trawler accidents

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