Two Former Employees Reveal their “Horrible” Working Conditions –
Two Former Employees Reveal their “Horrible” Working Conditions –


At the head of a famous cosmetics brand, Kylie Jenner is not really known to be a passionate boss. According to an article published by the tabloid The Sun US, Wednesday July 14, 2021, it seems that the working conditions of its employees are simply disastrous. Indeed, the media reported, Wednesday July 14, 2021, that the company Spatz Laboratories (which packages the products of its Kylie Cosmetics brand) would impose difficult working conditions 

However, it is important to remember that the young star already accused of harassment does not really have a monopoly on the working conditions of his factories. Indeed, according to the testimony of a former employee, Irene Lopez, it would seem that the daughter and the ex of Caitlyn Jenner only go to the places of manufacture of the products when they have “things to film for their social networks “. Apart from these rare visits, the young woman is therefore never on site and can therefore not ensure that her employees are well treated. But when Kylie and her mother were visiting, Irene shared the various instructions given to her by her superiors. “You are not allowed to talk to them, you have to work, you are not allowed to take pictures or ask questions,” she said. A testimony supplemented by that of Martha Molasco, another former employee of Spatz Laboratories, who added: “Our managers told us: ‘Don’t talk to them, don’t even think of looking at them.’” What demotivate potential future employees. wishing to know Stormi’s mom in person.

However, in addition to the various remarks and verbal threats to be constantly replaced, Martha said that she felt completely degraded in her work environment. “I try to do my best and still have someone yelling at me in front of everyone,” she shared. When her contract began, her hours were 4 p.m. to midnight and then changed to 4 p.m. until 4 a.m. A 12-hour working day, which was obviously paid, but during which the workers did not feel “appreciated”. “With the verbal slurs, and the 12-hour workdays, most people quit or left on their own, because it was too much,” she said afterwards.

But in addition to all these conditions already difficult to bear, Irene then poured out on other more “horrible” details. Sometimes they had to come to work every other weekend, and according to Irene: “You couldn’t turn around without someone standing behind you. That’s how we packed the products in the box. business, ”she said. And to conclude: “I have anxiety so I had to go to the bathroom a lot of times, because I was overwhelmed to work with so many people. I couldn’t really move, nor speak with others.”


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