#Kolkata: OnePlus is coming to the market again with a new watch set. OnePlus’ upcoming budget-friendly smartwatch is named Nord Watch. It is likely that five variants of the Nord Watch will be launched in the future. According to the information shared by Mukul Sharma, about 91 pictures of various designs have been shared through his mobile so far.

According to sources, the watch is going to come in two different shapes. Currently coming in rectangular and circular shapes. While the two watches may instantly look similar in circular shape, there are subtle differences. According to the news so far, customers will get two options in the rectangular shape and up to three different designs of the Nord Watch in the circular shape. It has a circular watch and display with two buttons to the right of the renderer. There is also a large bezel next to the display. The circular number three device has only one button without a bezel. But unfortunately nothing is known about the battery power, which platform it will run on or other technical issues.

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The rectangular shape variants have a lug design with a single button on the right side. Circular models also have screen resolutions with 240 x 240px and 390 x 390px displays. On the other hand, rectangular models have screen resolution with 240 x 280px or 368 x 448px display.

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Not much is known about the pricing as of now but, most likely, both the sets will be priced around 5 thousand in Indian currency. But considering that the OnePlus Watch had a starting price of $159, it’s a significantly lower price for the Nord series. According to the company, meeting the expectations of users is their primary goal. Even before this, the expectations of users about OnePlus Watch were high. So this time the company is determined to meet the expectations of the customers in all aspects.

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